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Embed RSS feeds quickly in your site with Feed Source

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A month ago, I talked about using the Google AJAX Feed API to insert RSS feeds in your website. I happened to stumble upon Feed Source recently which is a quite a nice tool that you can use to insert articles from an RSS feed on your blog or website.


Just go to the site, specify the URL, customise the colours, copy and paste the code, and you’re done. It comes without any frills or bells – just a no-nonsense tool that does its job.

And of course, it’s possible to embed RSS posts using a bit of PHP coding if you’ve got a blog running on WordPress.

Feed Source (note that the domain name is bit different from the name of the service)

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July 3rd, 2008 at 2:33 pm

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  • And let us not forget the big player in this space: SimplePie. If you want to embed RSS feeds and have complete control over the output, it’s the way to go!

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  • If you want to publicize your own blog, then BuzzBoost from feedburner is also a good option.

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  • the best option to public your own blog is BuzzBost!! nice site

  • Thanks for the info. I am looking for ways to put rss feeds to my site and I think that your way is far more better and easier.