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The Best, Free CD Album Cover Art Search Engines

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I always like to have a well-tagged and organized music collection complete with cover art. Some of my MP3s don’t have cover arts included in their ID3s, and it’s a pain searching for cover arts and adding them to the songs. Google Image Search is good, but there are better and efficient tools to do the same job of searching and fetching CD Album Cover Arts.

What follows is a list of some CD Album Cover Art search engines and tools that I’ve been using over the past few months. I’d really appreciate if you know of any other cover art searching tools – please leave a comment if you have something to say.

All CD Covers


All CD Covers is a site that is completely community driven – meaning that users visit the site, upload the cover art they’ve got, others vote on it and the end result is that you get the best, high quality cover art pictures for your music.

High quality, they say. And that’s for real. Go for the site and you’ll find simply brilliant high resolution cover art for your music albums. The statistics on the homepage speak for themselves.

As a user, you can win prizes by uploading cover art! Hit Ctrl + D as soon as you land on the site – it must be in your bookmarks.

Sloth Radio CD/DVD Album Cover Art Search


Sloth Radio Search – Simple, clean and neat interface. Type in the name of the artist and the album and you get cover arts in multiple sizes – just scroll down the page to have a look at all of them.

Right click and save the artwork to your computer. Just what you need. Nitpicking, I found this site a bit slow – but it’s worth bearing considering the accuracy of search results.

CDCovers.CC Album Art Search


Proclaiming itself as a site with the world’s largest cover art archive, CDCovers.CC is a site to find more than just cover arts. Type in a name and you get related torrents, trailer, subtitles, and more.

The interface is intuitive, as you can see from the screenshot above. It definitely looks like a huge archive – I got plenty of search results.

Bonus – Sleevage


Sleevage is a site worth including here – everyday, there’s some new and interesting cover art that they feature on their blog. Quite a cool read. Go to Sleevage for plenty of amusing cover art images.

Leave your comments if you’ve got any. Much appreciated.

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June 23rd, 2008 at 7:18 pm

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  • pinwheelstars

    I use In AllCDCovers, there’s a lot of clicking around involved, but with you just have to search, click on the magnifying glass, copy, and paste! 🙂

  • Elliot

    This is absolutley awsome. Have used allCdCovers for a while but the rest are brilliant to add to my favourites.



  • I’m not a big fan of such services – most of them fail to retrieve correct info for regional music 🙁

  • @Sumesh: Agreed. Most of this are suitable for international based music files. Nice list though.

  • Quite nice, this will definitely help enhance my huge music collection 🙂

  • I use Allcdcovers, and also amazon. And if I dont get it even there, its google search for me.

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  • I haven’t used them before.
    But, A GREAT LIST.

    And congrats on being on LifeHacker.

  • Mops

    Thanks for the list. I found AllCDCovers and to be most useful with a very impressive high quality cd/dvd covers collection. The days of missing album art from my iPod are finally gone…

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  • I definitely needed this list, because I hardly have any of the album for all of my albums in iTunes. Thanks for the tip!

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  • Generally WMP finds most of the Album Art else i Google Search for them.

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  • i never tried it before! but will give it a go now 😀

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  • Nice list Shankar! However I’m not quite happy doing this manually. Any tips/ tools to automate for all music files?

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  • thanks for sharing

  • Megan Baker

    I can find everyhing I need at and best of all it doesn’t have any ads!

  • kiko

    😛 thanksssssssssssssssss

  • Cool list.I have used to use for my work.:wink:

  • Mike
  • megan

    great info. wink

    love sleevage clevage

  • brooke

    haha, sleevage clevage. youre really clever wink wink

    i was on this awesome website and found high def. CD music sound quality CD technicalities. ch-ch-ch check it out. me

  • Scott Robb

    As far as I am concerned, nothing beats Most of the search sites you reference use Amazon or Google images. BIG DEAL – I could do that myself at Google or Amazon! has their own images and the quality is far, far better than ANY OTHER album covers site. They have a search that will find what you need in their massive database of covers.

  • thanks, very helpful to newbie like me!

  • remarkable good and was usefull for me thanks

  • like your blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts

  • ed rosenberg

    I’m looking for a program that will automatically install the cover art in my Itunes. Companies like Tune=UP only work on MP3. I ripped my collection in WAV. format. Any suggestions


  • Aw, it was a quality post. In theory I would like to write this way too – taking skill and substantial work to bring about a first-rate article… yet what could I say… I put things off an awful lot and not manage to get things done…

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  • Scotty

    You forgot the site with the BEST quality album art out there: They have their own search utility on the site. In FACT, every single album art site out there has a search utility of some sort, otherwise, it would be silly to expect anyone to be able ind their artwork!  Consequently, You cannot just search for “album art search” on Google and expect comprehensive results! 

    Sleevage has artwork from Amazon which you can get directly from Amazon. SlothRadio offers covers from a simple Google image search. is tied to their affiliate site, Allcdcovers so that one is redundant.  I appreciate your article but it would have more utility if you just spent a few more minutes and dug a little deeper.

  • Scotty

    Oh, one more thing – ALL album art is FREE!  Since they are not the copyright holders for the artwork in question, they cannot charge for access to it.

  • Areplyforyou

    I agree. A side-by-side comparison of covers from album art exchange an allcdcovers shows albumartexchange to have clearly superior image quality. It’s not even close! All covers at AAE are ALSO user scanned, edited and submitted. Did you do more than 2 minutes of research for this? Shesh!

  • Shezen Hose91


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