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How To Embed an RSS Feed On Your Website or Blog?

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Google AJAX Feed API seems to be the quickest way to embed an RSS Feed to your website or blog. Embedding the RSS Feed is quick and simple if you use that tool, and it should just take a few seconds for you to do that.

Go here, choose the layout of the embedded RSS feed widget. It can be a normal vertical layout, a vertical stack, or a horizontal bar that streams articles from your RSS Feed.

Click Preview to check out a preview of the widget, and then click Generate Code.

Copy and paste the generated code on your site and you’ll see the RSS feed embedded along with other elements on your web page.

However, you cannot specify a feed URL directly – there’s no option to do that. If you’ve got a blog, just type in its name and the Google AJAX Feed API will automatically discover the feed of that blog. If auto-discovery fails, you can manually edit the feed URL in the code.

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June 9th, 2008 at 7:18 pm

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  • THis probably uses JavaScript to serve the feed.

    There is a better way to serve a feed by utilizing a handful of PHP functions that are built into WordPress. Drats, I can’t remember where I found the tutorial on that. Curse lack of online bookmarking when I came across the post 😉

  • Nice way to aggregate content from more than one site and display it to the users 🙂

  • I was wondering how to do this recently as I was hoping to display the feeds from the How to group

  • Nice tool SK. This kind of tools makes it easier for those who are technologically challenged to show off their RSS feeds on their blog.

  • @Sumesh: Yep, but it’s from Google and reliable plus no server load on your side. 🙂
    @Keith Dsouza: Yep, kind of.. 😉
    @Joel: Oh, but I think FeedBurner provides a HTML embeddable badge as well.
    @Syahid: Yep, I completely concur with you.

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  • So its from TQuizzle….great job remembering the post and my name, Travis 🙂

    I’m with Travis’ method on this one. Server load will be minimal in any case, and using WP’s native method means that it is lighter and quicker (I think Travis’ method uses PHP as opposed to JS on Google’s).

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  • And I thought I knew everything about Google Services. Thanks. This thing could be very helpful in my upcoming projects.


  • That’s very cool, but I don’t like that Powered By Google on the right of it..can that be removed? It doesn’t show up for the other styles.

  • That’s very cool…

  • thanks da,

    i was searching for it and google directed me to listen shankar ganesh 🙂

  • Matt

    absolutely no customization , no color customization. no way to make the vertical box static in width, just overall a really ugly embed solution.

  • sofia vaitsas

    thank you!

  • Hey that is really cool. I did not know google had a solution like this…but I should have know. NOw very customizable though. But it gets the job done! Thanks!

  • Great Informative article, Thank you very much for the information…

  • mike

    necesito ayuda por favor, mi problema esta en q estoy creando mi pagina web pero soy nuevo, ya tengo el formato de la pagina, pero quiero agregar un blog dentro de la pagina que cree para que ahi mismo lea los comentarios y ps puedan comentar.
    ah yo uso kompozer para crear la pagina.
    agradecería que alguien me pudiese ayudar.

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  • Maida Elkin

    Good article man Thank you

  • Nice one… did not know that….anyone has link to other similiar stuff ? thx Mariano

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  • I try this on my site it really works..

  • nk

    Have you tried Channelorama yet?

    Channelorama offers a very simple and easy way to embed RSS channels into your web page. Simply select a channel of your choice (in Listing or search for it), click on its Embed link, get its code, and include it in your web page. You can preview the channel online before actually including it.

  • Thanks for sharing… I was looking for the Feed widget…

  • Wow its great post i like this one i use in my website.

  • Adding RSS feed can be helpful if managed correctly be team of experts on proper content.

  •  its great post i like this one i use in my website