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How to Backup and Restore Contacts, Files and Other Settings from your Nokia Mobile Phone?

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It’s always good to have a backup copy of your contacts and other files and settings of your mobile phone so that if something goes wrong, you just need not worry about losing your data. Rather, you can just click and restore the created backup to your mobile phone and work seamlessly again!

Here’s how you can backup contacts, files and other settings from your Nokia mobile phone:

  • First, download the latest version of the Nokia PC Suite from here and install it. Connect your mobile phone and let the drivers install themselves
  • Once that is done, launch the PC Suite by clicking on the PC Suite icon
  • Click on the Backup icon on the PC Suite

Nokia Mobile Phone Contacts Backup

  • A dialog window should popup. Select your mobile phone from the drop down list, and then click on the ‘Backup’ icon


  • Now, check the stuff that you wish to be backed up from your Nokia mobile, it could be anything from contacts list to messages to files on the memory card


  • Press the Next arrow
  • Now, specify a location on your computer where the backup should be saved


  • Press the Next arrow. The backup process should begin now

Nokia Mobile Phone Contacts Sync

  • When the backup is finished, you’ll get a confirmation that everything went right. Click close to exit


To restore the backup to your mobile phone:

  • Click on the Restore button in the Nokia Contents copier, select the backup file and proceed


  • All backed up settings will be restored to the mobile phone

That’s how you do it!

On a related note, Zyb is an online service which lets you sync contacts and other settings from your mobile phone. Further, you can share your contact details and other media with your friends on Zyb. You can also connect with your contacts on Zyb so that when they update their contact details, the data is automatically synced with your mobile phone.

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May 11th, 2008 at 7:50 am

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  • Very useful article. It’s been a while since I last updated my Nokia PC Suite. I really like the new version from the screenshots above. Maybe I’ll give it a try this weekend.

  • @Haris: Yep, the new version’s interface is too funky. I loved it.

  • Don’t have a Nokia phone, but if I ever get one, I’m sure this will come in handy! Thanks!

  • A must have for Nokia fans. This is by far the easiest Nokia backup tools that one can find.

  • @Aseem: Hehe glad you liked it 🙂
    @Syahid: Yeah, the Nokia backup tool works seamlessly without a glitch.

  • Albert

    thanks for making it easy for non tech to make use of PC suite, i had tried out ZYB as well and its fantastic..great work

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  • This is a useful tip that will be useful for securing your Nokia PC data

  • Dinesh

    Do you have any idea whether under the Messages Category it backs up everything under the Messaging folder, or just the Inbox. I move my messages regularly to seperate folders.

  • I use to this software while i am changing my mobile to anyother model than i am using. But it has a great problem with Back Uping the messages. You could restore the messages to the same model only. So if you are planning to upgrade your mobile and want the messages too, its not possible !

    Nokia really sucks on this. Did anyone know any other third party software to back up messages and restore them to any models ???

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  • Great info Shankar. Earlier i used to copy contacts using a sim card. This is very helpful.

  • try Noki at to open the backuped .nbu file. The .nbu file can be converted to .txt, .html or Excel .xls format.

  • deejay

    I made the backup as u specified but whn i am tryin to put the data back on my phone, it shows restore complete but no data has come back to my phone. i have lost all my contacts:sad:

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  • Having just backed up all my data, reinstalled the Nokia operating software (because it had killed my web browsing) and tried to restore my data, I can confirm that Nokia backup/restore works very smoothly. Except when it doesn’t, in which case the only advice from Nokia tech support is “sorry, we can’t help you, better luck next time.”
    Grrr! The Noki app looks ok, though, funnily enough it can recover my data while Nokia can’t. Hmmm…

  • bryan Zee

    HEY. I jUST was trying to gt my messages from N 72 and trying to put it in N 95 which i just have bought,But while i am backing up the messages from N72 my cell phone restarts and computer says conection lost. i conected it with the data cable provided with N72.
    Please help me as to why my N 72 is restarting while im backing up the messages.
    i intend to restore my backed up messages of N72 into N95.
    i am using the latest PC shown above.
    one of my friend also told me to use oxygen software to do so.if PC suite is unable to do it.

  • Nokia just puts too strict rules on their so many phone models firmware. When there’s conflict, there’s compatiblity issues (which Noki can solve)

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  • Rio

    I just backup my N95 files before i upgrade it from v1 to v3
    but when i tried to restore my files, it stuck in 58% and its been 30mins and it still on 58%…
    is it usually takes longer than 30mins or there something wrong with my files ?

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  • hey any body pls tell me how to do the thing in reverse …

    Its hard to crounch all those contact info in mobiles …is there any way that I can do it on PC and later export to Nokia mobile?

    solve it pls…
    thank you

  • what will happen if i wasn’t able to back up files?..

  • Can you tell me whether it can back up everything under the Messaging folder, or just the Inbox. I move my messages regularly to seperate folders.

  • Shahbaz

    I m a user of N70 nd while trying to backup my phone, unfortunately i had to stop dat process before it got completed nd during this I hav lost all my data frm my sd card but the phone memory is absolutely fine.MMC card shows dat there are data in it but i cant see dat in my phone. While trying to restore dat mmc card data in my phone i am not able to get dat back. I have also tried noki but it cant read dat particular nbu file of (mmc card data). Can u pls help me in this regards? Hoping to get your reply asap.

  • issas

    hello there… i have a problem backup my n97’s memory on to the memory card but after reinstalling the phone’s software and formatting it, i tried to restore the data but when i go to file manager – backup – restore : i get the are no backup files message … how do you fix this problem…PLEASE HELP ME…!!!

    this is very important to me as i have all my important contacts with me in that memory card…

    thank you

  • Prakash Kapadia

    my nokia N72 shows phone memory full and cannot open certain apps and messages.I tried your method to backup the files but the PC Suite shows that no files need backup and backup fails.Plz help me on this….

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  • Amor

    I feel so bad. I used the backup facility of Nokia PC Suite because i had about 2000 messages stored in my personal folders in my Nokia E63. Those are very important documents. The backup report said files were successfully backed up. I then saw that all my messages were deleted from my cel. I then couldn’t open the nbu file so I have no way of copying the messages in my stored folders, which I wanted to do. So I used the restore function to transfer the files back to my cel. Unfortunately, all the messages in the personal folders, all 2000 of them, are gone! Per Nokia Careline and Nokia Service Center, the messages in personal folders can’t be backed up by PC Suite. Why then did they have to delete those from my cel? They said the third party responsible for the nbu file might know about how to help me but Nokia cannot help me!!! I need to know now how I can possibly restore those messages that are so important to me that’s why I was backing them up? help!!! thanks!

  • tariq

    it works… but it only takes 1 number per name

    so if one contact has more than one name it only packs one

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  • Malik

    is anyone can help me?
    actually i have a backup of my contacts in PC and i want to see them on my PC without connecting my cell phone so anyone know about this so plz tell me waiting for ur reply thanking you….

  • Murat CANER

    Hello I try to use PC suit for my Nokia 5800. I transferred the all knowledge to my PC. But I reprocessed. Now all contacts are twice in PC. So I have deleted all the contacs knowledge in my PC. I try again to transfer. But no knowledge is transferred. I have looked my phone. And I saw all the contact knowledge was deleted. Is anyone help me to undelete all my contact whether in PC suit or in My Cell?

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  • shahrukh

    plez tell me, how to nokia backupfile NBF formate convert to PDF or a text file?
    plz plz tell me the link or a software name if any one know about that,

  • I cannot take him backup contact for not support in pc suite sowtware

  • hi….
    sir when i want to became backup files there will be an error occur
    “ovi suite/pc suite does not sport the connected phone.ovi suite/pc suite file is missing from the phone.switch off and then switch on the phone and try later”.

    i switched on and off the phone for several times but i couldn’t find the answer of my problem…..

    please tell me what should i do now?

  • Pragnesh Chaudhari


  • Himesh

    I have Nokia E90 & recently purchased E7.00. I am able to transfer all details from E90 to E7.00 excluding messages in “My Folders”.

    I have several hundred messages saved in “My Folders” where I have also created 15 Sub Folders. I need all these messages in my new E7.00 as they are very important ones.

  • nig

    i got software problem in my 3500c.
    my phone memory is almost full with my messages.
    is their any other way of taking BACKUP without the pc suite?

  • Anushatadi

    does backup can be carried out even after nokia 3110c gets switched off n won’t gets start?

  • Harpals61

    plz reply must how see the backup fille

  • software download

    Million thanks for great detailed explanation!@Sara:disqus 
    Drivers Download

  • riegal

    Well written instructions.  Do you have the same for backing up to a Mac?

  • Itz_bharat4u

    i had done the same with my nokia e 63 bt did nt select d opsn of takin d backup from memory card user files.
    but wen i did restore all my memory card contents wer lost!!
    bt d used space is still shown so is there any way i can get my data back!!i have got some really important dats stored plllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help!!!

  • Smartyn13r

    i have the same issue like your exact
    e90 to e7
    message folders ?

  • Ylber

    I have Nokia E72, and I did backup but when I try to do restore I have errors for contact list and Messages.
    So how I can do restore

  • Saeid_Bayrampoor

    I get Backup Of Message By Nokia pc suite
    Now with Restore Message In Phone?, I encountered by “the restoration was finished but errors occurred when restoring the phone contents …”I want gide?Thank you

  • Samsher34


    i am nanda. 

    i use nokia c2 mobile phone. my all phonebook and mgs delete when resotre factory setting for my mistake..
    so how to i  get my all data? plz help me… bcoz my all data very impotent..

    if any person  knows this topic plz help me…

    thanking you.

  • Abcdef

      steps :
     1. Download Nokia PC Suite version 7.0
     2. Install it.
     3. Take back up as shown below link .

     4. Save you created Phone Back UP file in your desktop whihc is in PBu format. [ *** But the created back up in Nokis Phone iS NBF format. ***  ]
     3. Install Microsoft .net environment software.
     4. Install NBu Explorer software.  [ Noki software will retrieve only 50 msgs. Not more than that can not be possible. ]
     5. Open NBu Explorer software.
     6. From the open icon open your back up file(NBU) and then from the sleected tree structures restore your your messages in your desktop.

  • Zaheen Haris

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