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How to Backup and Restore Contacts, Files and Other Settings from your Nokia Mobile Phone?

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It’s always good to have a backup copy of your contacts and other files and settings of your mobile phone so that if something goes wrong, you just need not worry about losing your data. Rather, you can just click and restore the created backup to your mobile phone and work seamlessly again!

Here’s how you can backup contacts, files and other settings from your Nokia mobile phone:

  • First, download the latest version of the Nokia PC Suite from here and install it. Connect your mobile phone and let the drivers install themselves
  • Once that is done, launch the PC Suite by clicking on the PC Suite icon
  • Click on the Backup icon on the PC Suite

Nokia Mobile Phone Contacts Backup

  • A dialog window should popup. Select your mobile phone from the drop down list, and then click on the ‘Backup’ icon


  • Now, check the stuff that you wish to be backed up from your Nokia mobile, it could be anything from contacts list to messages to files on the memory card


  • Press the Next arrow
  • Now, specify a location on your computer where the backup should be saved


  • Press the Next arrow. The backup process should begin now

Nokia Mobile Phone Contacts Sync

  • When the backup is finished, you’ll get a confirmation that everything went right. Click close to exit


To restore the backup to your mobile phone:

  • Click on the Restore button in the Nokia Contents copier, select the backup file and proceed


  • All backed up settings will be restored to the mobile phone

That’s how you do it!

On a related note, Zyb is an online service which lets you sync contacts and other settings from your mobile phone. Further, you can share your contact details and other media with your friends on Zyb. You can also connect with your contacts on Zyb so that when they update their contact details, the data is automatically synced with your mobile phone.

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May 11th, 2008 at 7:50 am

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  • Ylber

    I have Nokia E72, and I did backup but when I try to do restore I have errors for contact list and Messages.
    So how I can do restore

  • Saeid_Bayrampoor

    I get Backup Of Message By Nokia pc suite
    Now with Restore Message In Phone?, I encountered by “the restoration was finished but errors occurred when restoring the phone contents …”I want gide?Thank you

  • Samsher34


    i am nanda. 

    i use nokia c2 mobile phone. my all phonebook and mgs delete when resotre factory setting for my mistake..
    so how to i  get my all data? plz help me… bcoz my all data very impotent..

    if any person  knows this topic plz help me…

    thanking you.

  • Abcdef

      steps :
     1. Download Nokia PC Suite version 7.0
     2. Install it.
     3. Take back up as shown below link .

     4. Save you created Phone Back UP file in your desktop whihc is in PBu format. [ *** But the created back up in Nokis Phone iS NBF format. ***  ]
     3. Install Microsoft .net environment software.
     4. Install NBu Explorer software.  [ Noki software will retrieve only 50 msgs. Not more than that can not be possible. ]
     5. Open NBu Explorer software.
     6. From the open icon open your back up file(NBU) and then from the sleected tree structures restore your your messages in your desktop.