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Run Internet Explorer and Firefox without Addons

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If you’ve run into a problem with an IE addon, and want to be able to use Internet Explorer as usual, you can disable the addons and run Internet Explorer without any addons.

Here’s how you can disable all addons/extensions and run IE 7 or even IE 8 without them:

  • Go to Start > Run
  • Type iexplore -extoff
  • Press Enter

Internet Explorer will now run without any additional functionality from addons and you’ll see a page like this:

Internet Explorer Without Addons

If you want to be able to use addons again, you’ll have to close Internet Explorer and then start it again.

Run Firefox Without Extensions

Similarly, if you’re having any problems with Firefox, you could disable addons and run it in safe mode. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Run dialog by going to Start > Run
  • Type firefox -safe-mode
  • A window will popup asking things that you want to disable or reset (eg: reset/disable bookmarks/toolbars, etc.)
  • Give the right choices, and press ‘Restart’ for the changes to take effect

Firefox Running In Safe Mode with Extensions Disabled

Do let us know your questions in the comments.

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April 14th, 2008 at 11:03 am

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    small favor: I cut my own hair, floss twice a day and so forth, BUT remind me: how DOES one “just” clear their cache and delete cookies? GET2LEARN@OPTONLINE.NET

  • Anon

    I followed all the steps and can’t see my twitter page, either. Anybody have a solution for this?  I’m on a brand new Air Mac, so I’m baffled…

  • Rita DeLongchamp

    I cannot see my twitter page, it is blank.  I followed the steps.  Still nothing.

  • editorinchimp

    having the exact same problem. ever since they killed old twitter.

  • pinky

    I can’t see my twitter page. It is blank.  I followed the steps.  Still not working. 

  • Brandy Nicole

    Since I got switched over to the new twitter last night. My Twitter page has shown up blank. I’m on a Google Chrome browser with Windows XP.

  • amy

    My twitter page is blank. Relieved to see it’s happening to others, however.

  • ezi


  • Christine

    Im having the exact same problem. Followed all of the steps and still just have the top menu bar. 

  • RareBreed;;_*

    cant see mine either

  • Writergirl426

    Followed all of the steps and still getting the blank page.  I have Windows XP and IE8.  Please help!

  • sarah kirby

    my twitter page. It is blank.  I followed the steps.  Still not working

  • Mia_13

    Arrrrgh TWITTER! If I paid for this service I would get a refund!! None of your steps work to fix the blank white page problem :*(

  • Molly Jean T

    The same thing other users below have stated. My twitter page is blank despite following the steps. 

  • Pamela Fenelon Moran

    What about Chrome?! It appears that many people have asked this question and you have not replied.

  • Bk Stylespot

    I have FF 5.0.1 and Windows XP. Just blank. no more.
    With old twitter i hadn’t any problem.

  • Chelsea Williford

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. IE8, Windows XP. Last night I was still on old twitter and it worked fine. Now, I log on this afternoon and nothing. Blank. Followed all the steps, nothing happened. I sure hope somebody has reported this to twitter.

    *very much unimpressed*

  • Gem

    followed the steps, still blank on google chrome…

  • Maribel26

    he seguido todos los pasos y nada que rabiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Maribel26

    sigo en blanco quiero entrar a mi cuenta en twitter

  • Rosemaryfamiglietti

    I was switched over to the New Twitter and did all the things you said to do, but my screen is blank. Please fix this problem. Why did you have to mess with the old Twitter when it was just  fine?

  • LCellini

    I also cannot see my Twitter Page ever since they deleted the Old Twitter about 2 hours ago. I did all of the steps, and the page is still blank. Further, I just had my Computer fully-updated less than two weeks ago.  Please help us.  Thank You!

  • LCellini

    Why can’t we retain the “Old Twitter?” 

  • Fabiola

    I have two twitter pages. but I can’t see a twitter page, It is blank. and the other i do

  • jjjjoooooo

    I’ve done all of these steps still not working, and I know im not the only one… there’s a lot of other people having problems with new twitter…

  • Rev. C. Bruce

    Same here I can’t see my page either.  I wonder what is going on.  I followed the steps too.

  • Whatsmynameagain

    My new twitter wont work on my Chrome either :( not cool twitter.

    I don’t even like the new one at all! It’s so much slower on mine than the old one was. The old one was better.

  • ~@%&@#

    I followed ALL THE STEPS!! my home page is blank!!! -.- 


    I’m tired of this -.

    I’m using google chrome.-

  • ISA76MAR

    I’ve done all of these steps, STILL NOT WORKING! I cant see mi twitter page

  • Abdalla omar ahmed bashomail


  • Kerry Parsons

    me too :-(

  • Bill Dauenhauer

    I cannot see my twitter page, it is blank. I followed the steps. Still nothing.     

  • Guest

    new twitter sux beyond belief…all my friends pages are blank. only way i can see them is if i go to the twitter search, then it pops up…so much slower…person who designed new twitter should be shot and fired!!!

  • Joe

    Same issue, Win 7 64bit IE9 only showing top bar, whats the fix?

  • Khush N

    i dont know if u still have the problem but if it happens again just try clearing out your browsing data.. and have all those boxes checked then try refreshing your twitter page it should work :) i had the same problem and i tried that and it works:)

  • phonecard13

    I would like to see my twitter page please

  • Elen Poshotyan

    I cannot see my twitter page :(

  • Alswitha

    I followed the steps and my home page isn’t blank but everything else is, eg, list of followers.

  • Jud Aster

    Please fix it, I can see twitter in all browsers but ie

  • Amy

    Same here.  Followed steps, home page works, but everything else is blank. 

  • Michal Kellogg

    Still having problems working things on twitter like , going to messages , accepting follower requests , and tweeting . I cant do ANY of these things .. Twitter SUCKS – ____ -

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  • Karenmenjivar

    what did you do to fix the issue? I cant see my page and have tried everything as well

  • Rosemary

    Ill try new pitcher it is a mess everyday

  • Rose

    my whole computer websites are cartooned EVERYTHING

  • reverse phone lookup

    How about safari

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