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Disable ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ Balloon Popup Notification in Windows

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If you’re frequently interrupted by warnings and notifications coming from the system tray on Windows XP when you insert a new USB disk drive, you can easily disable it.

Here’s the procedure to disable the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ warning popup notification in Windows:

  • Right click on the taskbar and click ‘Properties’
  • Under the ‘Taskbar’ tab, click the ‘Customize’ button that appears near the bottom of the window safely_remove_hardware_disable
  • Locate ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ and choose ‘Always Hide’

You’ve now disabled the ‘safely remove hardware’ balloon notifications in Windows XP. In order to remove your external drive, you can go to My Computer, right click on the disk icon and click ‘Eject’/’Safely Remove’ and safely remove it. Thanks Download Blog!

Written by Killer Tech Tips

April 12th, 2008 at 9:12 pm

  • I have never tried eject before and I have always relied on sately remove…anyhow I just tried eject in vista and I was suprised to see nothing happening but you also have safely remove when you right click on the drive. I guess eject is for optical drives. Even if you hide this, you can always use the ‘safely remove’ when you right click…

  • @Joel: Thanks for the info 🙂

  • Zia


    the frequently icoming message for “safely remove hardware” was bothering me very much.

    Thank you again


  • asle.dll


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  • Anonymous

    The safery remove hardware is helpful for my computer.

  • Jemma111

    Thank you, this pop-up was driving me nuts!