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7 Free, Must Have Windows Software for Download Junkies

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We always tend to download stuff from the internet. Be it movies, music, software, ebooks, we’re always in thirst of information and download plenty of things from the web. If you’re a download junkie, you can try the following free software I’ve listed below to make things better, easier and efficient:

FlashGet / Free Download Manager

Nothing beats these for download management. There’s torrent support in both these software. Flashget integrates very well with most popular browsers and the latter has support for downloading flash video files. Check out more free download managers.


Lightweight, feature rich, and encryption for your torrent downloads. Simply the best torrent client out there. It’s even got a Web based UI that can be used to control it via a remote interface.


If you just don’t want to have multiple apps for just the sake of downloading, try the DownThemAll add-on for Firefox. DownThemAll is an excellent download manager and accelerator that is constantly being developed.


FTP client that has got it all. It’s cross platform, and has drag and drop and speed limiting features. Multi lingual interface is available as well.



Bitmeter can be used to track download and upload speeds, and also bandwidth consumption. A little tool to estimate the time it’ll take to download a file is also inbuilt. Check out more bandwidth monitors.

Universal Extractor


These days, most files you download are compressed, and so an uncompressor becomes indispensable. Universal Extractor is very superior than any other archiving tool, and virtually supports every other archiving format you can think of.


CCleaner can clean up the temporary files and other installation mess that appears once you complete your downloads. An uninstaller and a registry cleaner are built in to CCleaner.

Bonus: FileHippo Update Checker – This 100KB tool analyses installed software on your computer and lists updates for those software. In a matter of a few clicks, you can instantly update

Additional information from you is welcome in the comments!

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March 30th, 2008 at 9:00 am

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  • I use Free Download Manager and FileZilla most frequently. Never heard of DownloadThemAll. I suppose I should give it a try as well. Seems to be a very useful FF plugin.

  • Flashget and utorrent just rock. I have to give a try to Bitmeter.

  • Good ones – I use FlashGet, Filezilla and CCleaner myself.

    Just one thing – some of these apps are tailored for bloggers/webmasters, though your readers are not.

    Stumbled 😉

  • @Rich: Thanks, Rich.
    @Rakshit: Do try it. That’s one Firefox extension that I can’t live without 😀
    @Madhur: Yes, that’s true. uTorrent is one of my favourite programs.

  • @Sumesh: Well, I’m guessing you’re pointing to Filezilla? Rest of the apps mentioned serve a purpose to all kinds of users, I’m sure people who’re not bloggers/webmasters will find it useful as well 🙂

  • @Shankar: So does 7-Zip!

  • Thumbs Up….Universal Extractor is awesome.

  • Well great list..
    Instead of Universal Extractor, i use 7zip. Two programs i use daily are uTorrent and Ccleaner (and both of them rock 😀 ).

  • @Wally: Thanks Wally, glad you liked it.
    @Keshav: Hehe Indeed they rock.

  • gigaget

    USE owns all else

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  • hey very good list there buddy.. good going.. i will send this to my frnd.. he is a download maniac

  • I like FileHippo….This concept is much talked about in WordPress and other stuffs but not on windows which I believe has lot of potential…

  • Again a nice post

  • Flashget is what I use and its damn good..!

  • Instead of DownThemAll, Free Download Manager does a good job for me. Cool list Madhur.

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  • Arun G.

    What about Download Accelerator Plus ( DAP) free version. I think it is also good progrmme for fast downloading.

  • @Joel: Yes, a tool like FileHippo update checker does have a lot of potential. In Linux, it’s possible to update the entire system (includes all individual software).

    @Vishnu: Indeed FlashGet rocks.

    @Syahid: Hehe FDM is a good tool as well.

    @Arun: Flashget and FDM come so close to DAP in terms of features and also they’re free, so I think there’s no point in mentioning it DAP 🙂

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  • I’m gonna grab all 7! 🙂

  • @Mayooresan: Do grab them 😀

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  • Great list! I use Download Accelerator Plus instead of Free Download Manager. Even though you have to buy it, I love it very much. It rocks to see download speeds like 400kbps.

  • I love Filezilla and its easy to use interface. Filezilla is truly a boon for bloggers. Great post! Keep it up!:)

  • Thank you for the info, download it now

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  • Here is a similar story

    A new Windows computer needs good software if the user wants to make the most out of his machine.

    Windows 7 does come bundled with useful tools, but that isn’t enough.

    The millions of consumer software vendors around the world would have gone out of business if that were the case.

    This post will talk about top 10 free software that one must install on his new Windows computer.

    I’ve tried to limit the article to only those tools which, in my opinion, should be the first 10 tools one should install and use on a new PC.

    If you have other opinions and suggestions for tools, which I am sure a lot of you would, I urge you to share them in the comments so that all our readers can take a look at them.

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