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Post to Your Blog from Microsoft Office Word 2007

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While browsing around the menus in Office Word 2007, I stumbled upon the ‘Publish’ option, and I was thrilled! Well, it’s actually possible to publish to your WordPress blog from Microsoft Word 2007 itself. That is so cool! And it’s not just WordPress, supported platforms include Blogger, SharePoint, Windows Live Spaces, TypePad, etc.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can set up Microsoft Word 07 to publish posts to your blog:

  • Start MS Word 2007, click on the Office Logo on the top left of the screen and select ‘New‘.
  • Click ‘New Blog Post‘ and click ‘Create’.
  • Click ‘Register Now‘ in the dialog that appears to get started.
  • Choose your provider. I chose WordPress.
  • Click ‘Next’ and type in your blog URL, username and password
  • Click the button ‘Picture Options’ which is present in the bottom left of the dialog
  • If you want to upload photos to your own FTP server, choose the option ‘My own Server
  • In Upload URL, type in the FTP address of the location where the images should be uploaded
  • In Source URL, type in the HTTP address of the location where the images are stored
  • Press OK and when all’s well you’ll get a confirmation message telling the process was successful.
  • You can now write blog posts in Word 2007 itself, specify categories and publish them using the button on the top left.

This post was actually written using Word 2007, and I had absolutely no problems using it. I could add categories and images. Try it and let me know your views in the comments.

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March 29th, 2008 at 5:03 pm

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  • I think this a cool feature… Instead of directly loging in and post for lazy blogger like me.. btw Nice post buddy..

  • I have been using Office 2007 for so long but didn’t know about this. It’s really a cool feature.

  • The html code created by Word is very very bad as far as my experience goes but just wondering how the code was for you?

  • This may be a nifty little tool, but, as Keith said the HTML processed by Microsoft Word is extremely bad. I would much rather use a browser than a word processor to create my blog post, anyway. Seeing as you have to actually be on a computer to use the Word blog post feature, you may as well save yourself the trouble of patching up the post later (if it had issues while posting through Word) and use your browser.

    Thanks for sharing this with us though.

  • I tried it long back, but it is not all good even, and we all believe, Windows live writer is THE best one.
    I also had a similar post on this, but must say that Microsoft is actually eying big blogger space

  • @Nicholas: Thanks for dropping by.
    @Rakshit: Yup, indeed it’s very cool and useful.
    @Keith, Bull3t: The HTML code was clean, and there was nothing invalid of that kind.
    @Vaibhav: Yup WLW is the best one, I really love it. But I thought this is a good feature in MS Office, and decided to share it with the readers 🙂

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  • I have tried this one before, but I still use WLW.

  • ains

    Seems a cool feature will try it and let you know how it goes

  • @Nirmal: I use WLW, but I’d still love to use Office Word – if it provides more WordPress integration.
    @Ains: Sure, let us know about your experiences.

  • Cromike

    I have been looking all over to find out how to configure the image publishing to blog with Word 2007. Can you give any more details about this? I have both picasa and flickr accounts and I blog with blogger, but I have not been able to post images at all.

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  • I used to use Live Writer, good to know this tips. I can blog from desktop even when I’m not at my own PC

  • Ian

    I’m never too keen about using third party software to post to a blog, I guess its because I’m used to writing my blog posts from within the online content manager 😛

  • Is there a way to add tags to posts published this way?

  • prakhar

    how to post pictures in blogger using ms word 2007?

  • hi am using blogger and i have a picassa account,but am unable to to post images to me to setup my msword for’s giving me two options when i try to configure word for is upload url and the other is source url.what are these.

  • Alistair

    I too have spent a few hours trying to get Word 2007 to upload images to I opened flickr, photobucket and picasa accounts and can’t get any of them to work. What is it with the lack of M$ documentation on this? They give no help what-so-ever for the image upload.

  • I agree that it’s a nifty feature but I wouldn’t touch the html generated by word with a 10 foot pole. It seriously is that bad. And on top of that, there is a good chance that it won’t work properly with different browsers. IE might (or might not) work.
    Using WLW is the best option right now for bloggers who use windows as their main OS.

  • I can’t figure out how to set up my word ’07 to allow me to also post pictures.

    I choose “my own server,” but I don’t acutally have one. I have read that I can use programs like photobucket, but then if I do – how do I find out what upload and source URL are?

    Thank you so much for any thoughts/answers!!!!

  • I just got this set up, Very Cool. Thanks for the posting.

  • Can anyone share the setup steps to get WL Spaces blog wired up properly to publish images to WL SkyDrive? Given that Word 2007 came along way before SkyDrive even existed, I’m not sure this is possible, but I’d love to use it if so. Thanks!

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  • rip

    I created a photobucket account and have already uploaded an image there. So how do i apply it to the microsoft word 2007 blog post?

  • Nice!! i find it very cool feature… Nice post buddy… keep on posting

  • Nice helpful advice, i didnt realise it was as simple as using Word.

  • This feature is very useful…u can give a try…

  • hi am using blogger and i have a picassa account,but am unable to to post images to me to setup my msword for’s giving me two options when i try to configure word for is upload url and the other is source url.what are these.

  • hi am using blogger and i have a flicr account,but am unable to to post images to me to setup my msword for’s giving me two options when i try to configure word for is upload url and the other is source url.what are these.

  • You can only publish pictures to you blog if you have your own FTP server, otherwise you can only publish text. Stick with Windows Live Writer until Microsoft get there act together.

  • I use Windows Live Writer to publish my blog entries in Blogger. I want to try using Word 2007 but I don’t know how I should deal with Image Option. As you know, Blogger uses Picasa Web Album, but the image provider not listed in my Word 2007. Please help me. 🙂 thanks,

  • I created a blog and i want to use the word feature, since i will just publish some word stuff i already do.

    But i do not know how to configure the FTP at the word 2007. I have my own FTP server, but the Word do not ask my login and password for the FTP.

    It only asks the login/password of my blogspot account. How do i configure my ftp for posting the images as well?


  • I made some progress. At the “FTP link source” we are supposed to use a string like this:

    Changing the username, password and ftp server as your own.

    I am making my first post using the word feature with images using the WORD 2007 and i am experiencing a LONG time to see the uploads… it takes forever…


  • Though I do search the web atleast twice a week in order to find a solution for problems I face using Microsoft Word but even then it was not in my knowledge that how to post on a blog using Microsoft Word. Nice post buddy.. looking forward some more informative articles from you in future.

  • A really useful sharing post mate!
    Though you said that this post was written in Microsoft Word 2007, I wonder how Office handle those junky Word specific msxml style to convert into W3C complaint XHTML.

  • Dua Mairaj

    Very nice sharing guys more like that on

  • Lucky

    Will you explain all steps by taking picture of all steps… because i try to use these steps but i have not get success. I am using Word 2007 in my computer. thank you, waiting for reply..