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How to restore missing USBscan.sys in Windows XP?

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Recently, I was trying to install drivers for my new digital camera, but I had a few problems. The installer requested the Windows XP SP 2 CD because a driver file, usbscan.sys was missing. I had actually lost the XP SP2 CD. The installer requested the XP SP 2 CD repeatedly that I had to do something, else the installation would fail.

Finally, I found a few solutions to recover usbscan.sys and I wanted to write them down here for others who might be facing the same problem while installing drivers for devices like Printers, Digital Cameras, etc. when connected via USB.

Here’s what you should do first:

  • Click ‘Browse’ in the dialog window that requests the CD Go to C:\Windows\system32 and point to the usbscan.sys file
  • The installation should take place seamlessly now

In case you’re unable to find the usbscan.sys file, don’t worry. There are two other options.

Here’s what you should do in case you don’t have the Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD

  • Download a copy of usbscan.sys from here (Right click and select ‘Save Target As’).
  • Click ‘Browse’ in the dialog window of the installer and locate the usbscan.sys file you’ve just downloaded.
  • Click ‘OK’.
  • The installation should proceed.

If you’re lucky, and have the XP SP 2 or SP 1 CD with you, here’s what you can do:

  • Insert the CD in the drive.
  • Go to Start >> Run and type msconfig and press Enter.
  • How to restore missing usbscan.sys file?

  • Click ‘Expand File’ in the Window that appears
  • In the ‘File to Restore’ field, type in usbscan.sys
  • In the next field, type X:\I386\DRIVER.CAB
  • In the ‘Save File In’ field, click the ‘Browse To’ button and select a location for the usbscan.sys file to be stored, preferably the Desktop
  • Click Expand and close the window. You should see the usbscan.sys file in your Desktop.
  • Go back to the installer and locate the usbscan.sys file by using the Browse button, and click OK.
  • The installation should now continue.

Those were just three easy and quick ways to restore your missing usbscan.sys driver file. The usbscan.sys is an important driver file that is required for installation of devices like the Printer, Camera, etc.

Written by Killer Tech Tips

March 28th, 2008 at 9:37 pm

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    You helped me to solve the problem that was urgent, thank you !

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  • Jason M.

    Here’s a uber useful (yet commonly unheard of) tip: when you get a new computer, or do a fresh install of Windows, copy the I386 folder from the CD onto your hard drive. Every time windows asks for the CD, it’s asking for something in that I386 folder. If you copy it to your hard drive, you’ll never need to go looking for the CD…

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  • Well, it seems many have found it useful. Good work, Shankar. I may have to use it in future (for now, my trusty Canon SD860 works fine without hacks 😉 ).

  • @Sumesh Ooh 😀 My webcam still doesn’t work properly because some files are missing. I need to work on that, and may be even write a post 😉

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    You helped me to solve the problem, thank you !

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    I spent hours trying to find the files I needed to get the scanner running on my Lexmark All-in-One. As soon as I found your page and followed the simple instructions, my problem was over in minutes! Thanks, a thousand times!

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    Restore from file does not exist error…?

  • The problem was so urgent, I had to visit google, which brought me to this site and solved everything.

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    Restore from file does not exist error…????? Help anyone?

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    Thanks for solving an urgent problem so I could get my printer running again.

  • Big Jim

    Thanks for solving an urgent problem so I could get my printer running again.

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    You are awesome!! I needed the serscan.sys file to completed my new HP all in one printer install. I spent hours looking for it on HP, dell and microsoft help websites. I finally called HP. After being on the phone with the tech for @ hours, I told him to forget it. I was going to return the printer tomorrow. Now its done!! Thanks again.

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  • Hasn’t worked for me yet.
    I live in Romania and I think M’soft (poor things) are still quarreling with this whole country about black market software. I am not the slightest bit interested in such B.M. software but I just want to get my family network system going.
    I have downloaded usbscan.sys just now but the Pixma 150 installation system is still stalled.
    Any suggestions?

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  • I know you’re being overwhelmed with expressions of gratitude for your super, super advice, but I can’t just pass up the chance to say that you gave me advice that worked, in the face of many others whose advice led to blind alleys and no success. I don’t know that you can see my e-mail address:, but if you need anything that you think I might be able to assist with, give a yell.

    Good work, and thanks again for your share of expert advice…my wireless printer is now working just fine, thanks to you!

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