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10 Brilliant Firefox Extensions You Probably Don’t Know About

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Yes, not the usual list with extensions that you’re already using. These are 10 very useful, not-so-popular Firefox extensions that I’m assuming you don’t know.

Snap Links – Download
You must have been in this kind of a situation before: You have to manually click on over tens of links. Time wasted. Save a few seconds and effortlessly open multiple links with Snap Links installed.


Use the right mouse button and drag it over a particular area, the main links get selected and open when the button is released.

Menu Editor – Download
Ok, you have a very customized Firefox installation on your computer. With your favourite addons installed. Tens of them. Each puts something in the right click context menu. That’s clutter, isn’t it? That’s where the Menu Editor extension comes in handy.


Using this addon, it’s possible to rearrange items in the right click menu, and even group them together.

HyperWords – Download
One of the best Firefox extensions out there, that probably deserves more praise. It makes every word on web pages interactive. Basically, after you’ve installed this addon, you have a whole bunch of things on your right click menu.


Select a word, right click, see the plethora of options that Hyperwords gives you. Don’t be taken aback. You can locate meanings of a word by just right clicking hovering over a few menu items. Select a word, click, and go to Google’s top search result page for that term. Select, click, do a shopping search. Locate a place in a map by right clicking on the place name. Possibilities are endless.

Reminder Fox – Download
If you spend the whole day inside Firefox, this is for you.


Reminder Fox can be used to set reminders and to-do lists, and can alert you when you have things to do.

Littlefox – Download
This addon is very useful if you have too many things on your Firefox window occupying a lot of space. LittleFox revamps the Firefox interface once installed, makes elements smaller and leaves a lot of room for viewing web pages. Have a look for yourself:


Must install if you have more than 3 toolbars floating around in the Firefox Window.

Hide Menu Bar – Download
Does anyone use the Firefox Menu Bar? Buttons on the toolbar do most of the jobs for me, so I rarely take the cursor over to the top to access the menu bar. This extension does a neat job of hiding your Firefox Menu Bar.


Gain some screen space, hide the menu bar. On those rare occasions when you need to use the menu bar, don’t panic. Just hold the ALT button and the menu bar appears instantly.

PicLens – Download
Makes browsing through pictures a wonderful experience. When you go to a compatible site like Flickr, click on the Piclens icon near the image.


PicLens transforms the page to a 3D Gallery-Like view. Use your mouse to drag, select and zoom in.

Fission – Download
Used Safari before? Then you might like this addon.


Displays the progress bar inside the address bar – just like you have in Safari.

Tab Effect – Download
Adds 3d Effects to Firefox.


When you switch tabs, a nice 3D cube effect is added.

Tab Scope – Download
Hover over a tab, and you get instant preview of the web page.


You can even navigate inside the preview thumbnail – scroll, zoom and open links.

Add more in the comments! – *Images Courtesy:

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March 7th, 2008 at 9:58 pm

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  • Amazing list Shankar….
    I am already downloading 5 of them..

  • Great list buddy!
    Did not know about most of them.
    Trying out a few. Thanks πŸ˜€

  • Awesome list………..really loved it !!!!!!!!.

  • Thirasara

    Very helpful list. Thanks.

  • Thank you people. Glad you found it useful πŸ™‚

    @Andrew: The 2nd extension is really brilliant. Thank you for dropping by to leave such a valuable comment.

  • Ram

    Cool list buddy, didn’t know all these.

  • Can you tell me if using of more firefox addons slows down the mozilla operation.

  • Guess what! All the 10 listed firefox extensions, I never know before! LOL! Thanks for sharing

  • @Anil: Wonderful article there. Didn’t know many of them. Stumbled it.
    @TechPavan: Yes, it does slow down the operation. You should take care to uninstall unused extensions once in a while.

  • Cool list yet again Shankar. Snap Links is worth a test.

  • @Syahid: Thanks for dropping by. Indeed it’s worth trying, will only make you more productive πŸ˜‰

  • Awesome list – i thought I would have known all of them – but I didn’t….going to check them out now:)

  • Required

    You know what ?

    I didn´t know ANY of them!!

    And they´re all very interesting,

    all of them very useful. I´m

    still going to test Fission,

    I have no idea what it is used for,

    and here goes a suggestion:

    it would be more helpful if

    you explained a little more about it.

    Those who´ve never used Safari

    may be those who most need it.

    You´ve done a nice job!


  • Ghanashyma

    Thanx Shankar, very useful list.

  • I tried snaplinks, fission and tab effects before and will surely give others a try as well.
    Thanks for sharing. It’s really a nice list.

  • I want them, I want them all!!
    Thanx a ton Ganesh!
    Stumbled. =)

  • The title was so true…I never knew that these existed or atleast for most of the cases…

  • Thank you. They were all new for me. A few of them look pretty useful, so I’m going to test them.

  • Oh I really didn’t know there are people without knowing any of these extensions. πŸ™‚

    Glad to know that you guys found the addons mentioned helpful. Do share this post with your blog readers and send in your pingbacks πŸ˜‰

  • Not the typical list of FireFox add-ons. Nice to see someone taking the time to test and write about FireFox add-ons not normally listed. Thanks

  • Love piclens and Tab Effect. DOwnloading now! πŸ™‚

  • I liked the snap links add-on.

  • Never heard of them before. Looks very useful.

  • Great, thanks πŸ™‚

  • I will check them 1 by 1 , thanks for don’t know about some of them πŸ™‚

  • Just in time buddy! Nice list and I found a few I haven’t seen and will update my list of extensions. πŸ˜†

  • Tushar

    smashing….mind blowing post.!

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  • Amazing article, Shankar. After seeing these, makes it switch back to Firefox from Safari. πŸ˜€

  • Good ones. Picked up 3.

  • Thanks you guys again.

    Thanks for the stumbles and diggs, this story went up to Lifehacker πŸ™‚

  • Srikar

    These are my favorite ones : )
    Stumble upon.
    Down them all – embedded download manager
    Cricfox- live cricket status
    Datafox-live bsnl tariff status
    Orkut toolbar

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  • I use Reminder Fox and Fission. That’s a great list buddy.

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  • Killertechtips! that’s the word for all of your posts. Keep up the good work ! I learn a lot from you ..everytime I talk to you πŸ™‚

  • Tome

    Good job.Thanks for “Tab Scope”. I use it in opera πŸ™‚

  • Snap Links is something that I am in need of. Thanks for sharing.

  • satheesh

    SRIKAR said “Cricfox- live cricket status”.. i want that extension.. where will i get that extension???

  • Chris

    WOT is very good…

  • great list! I use several of these and i’ll have to go check out a few more.

  • sdh

    finally, someone who actually came up with an interesting list.

  • ================
    Great Extensions!!!!

  • Wow! I really love the tab effect!

  • Stuart

    Excellent post buddy, already downloaded 5; Snap Links, Tab effect, Tab scope, Menu editor, and Fission. Haven’t had a chance to test them out yet, will let you know!

  • Sweet list, a personal favorite of mine though, is the web developer toolbar. As a designer I couldn’t live without it.

  • Sweet list, a personal favorite of mine though, is the web developer toolbar. As a designer I couldn’t live without it.

  • Good job

  • k9

    Ad Block Plus, Hit a hint are an absolute must for my FF3!

  • Thanks for the informative post.. and thanks for adding our comment to the blog.

  • nazim

    Those extension sounds awesome!!

    Im running FF2.0.0.11 and my problem is that none of the aforesaid extensions got installed(it was throwing download error (error code:-228).

    After much effort, I kind of found out the work around. I simply searched(thru google) for the respective .xpi file of any given extension and downloaded it manually and then drag-o-dropped into the Addon’s Installation option, voila!! the extension got installed.

    But the questions hovering my mind are why am I getting download error!?? and how I can update the addons if I get download error in the future!?

    Is anyone got similar kinda error!!??

  • Hsn

    Great list thx πŸ™‚

  • Awesome. Thanks dude!

  • sherifffruitfly

    Um, cooliris crashes ff. Not a good suggestion.

  • Thanks for the info! I have more to add to the list. Auto page reader – This will help you switch to immediate next page when you scroll your mouse to the end of the page.

  • Partha

    Really good work. Thanks a lot.

    Also you forgot to mention Ad Block Plus.

  • Jeremy

    try stumble (stumble upon?). it can be fun.

  • Great list, thanks. Can I list my favorites? They are Firebug and Web Developer. Very useful!

  • Instead of hiding the menu bar I use Tiny Menu and keep my StumbleUpon in the menu bar.

  • Dan

    they put “tens” for “tons” lol.

    “You have to manually click on over tens of links.”

  • atuldoc

    Tab effect is not available for v.3.0

    Any other alternative plz?

  • S.S.

    I like the idea of the Hide Menu Bar add-on, but i find it easier (and more functional) to right-click my menu bar, click customize, and then move all my Navigation Toolbar items to the Menu Bar, and then hide the Navigation Toolbar. This allows me to keep my Menu Bar, but also get rid of one toolbar, without giving much up.

  • reddlemansfu

    Great list, I’m gonna look into some of them. A suggestion for anyone who reads to the 74th comment, the addon TinyMenu replaces the Menu Bar with a single icon on the Navigation Bar. A little more convenient than Hide Menu Bar, since you don’t have to click alt. Also, TinyMenu lets you pick some menus (such as Tools or Bookmarks) that you frequently use, and keep them available (also on the Nav Bar).

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  • thx

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  • Just a warning, fission slows down the loading of page a bit.

  • Thanks for this great add-on. Will surely try this now.

  • Thanks for such a great addons list..

  • Very nice list, most of them were unknown. Thanks for sharing.

  • zoovido

    excellent ADDS-on
    i’ve already used half of it…
    pls post tips on firefox speed up…
    and post also those adds-on that slower the browser…

  • Good post. You did a good work,and offer more effective imformation for us! Thank you.

  • gayaka !

  • Nice list! Especially with LittleFox in it.