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How to rip an Audio CD using AudioGrabber?

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If you’ve just found time to rip all your normal audio CDs to your computer, it’s time you download AudioGrabber.

AudioGrabber is an excellent Audio Ripping Software that’s available for download here.

Let me tell you how you can rip music from your old audio CDs to your computer easily using Audio Grabber. First, download AudioGrabber from the official site and then install it in order to be able to rip audio CDs to your computer.

  • Pop in the Audio CD that you want to rip
  • Click on the Audiograbber icon that’s on your computer desktop
  • You should see the CD Tracks listed there
  • Before getting into ripping the audio CD with Audiograbber, you’ll have to change a few settings first for your convenience
  • Click ‘Settings’ in the Audiograbber menu bar
  • Choose the folder where you want to keep the ripped audio files
  • Modify the other things you need to, and press OK
  • Now go to Settings >> MP3 Settings
  • Choose ‘Direct Rip and Encode to MP3 file’ if you have a reasonably good PC configuration. Else choose any other option above that one.
  • You can also edit the names of the Tracks if you wish from the AudioGrabber window by selecting the track and pressing F2
  • Click Grab to rip the files from the Audio CD
  • You’ll see a window, with resources usage and more details listed
  • When the ripping process is complete, you should see the MP3 files in the destination folder you specified

That’s how you rip an audio CD to MP3 using AudioGrabber. Download AudioGrabber

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January 25th, 2008 at 8:18 pm

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  • I use to use this software, but today, you hardly need that. We get everything in multiple formats, and download the desired format.
    The “how to do” is good.

  • I had tried this before you wrote this post, but just one Q : It asks for LAME encoder, or else it encodes in low quality. Do you know any direct ways to get LAME? I know it is packaged with many software, but then I’d have to download an entire app.

  • good alternative for windows media player default ripper..