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How to update the firmware of your Nokia mobile phone?

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Got a Nokia mobile phone? It’s important that you update the mobile phone’s firmware once in a while. Firmware is actually the software that keeps things on your Nokia mobile phone running.

There are a lot of benefits of upgrading your phone’s firmware. You may get functional enhancements, bug fixes etc. Some issues that you might be having with your phone can be solved with a firmware upgrade.

Updating Nokia Mobile Phone Firmware

Here I’ll tell you the things you need to do in order to update the embedded firmware in your Nokia cell phone.

Things to do before a firmware update:

  1. Install Nokia PC Suite, and back up all the stuff from your phone to your computer.
  2. Charge your phone battery to its full level.
  3. Beware that any hindrance (like power off, etc.) during the update process can damage your phone.

Let’s get started.

  1. In your Nokia mobile phone, type in *#0000#
    Your Nokia mobile will now display the firmware version it’s running
  2. Carefully open the back case of your mobile, and also take away the battery.
  3. Note the product number down
  4. Go here and type the product number. You’ll now know if a new version of firmware for your Nokia mobile phone is available
  5. Download the Nokia Software Updater. Click here to download it
  6. Install the Nokia Software Updater (I think it’s recommended to run it if you have more than 256 MB of RAM on your computer)
  7. Connect your Nokia mobile phone via the USB port, and also make sure your computer is connected to the internet
  8. Run the Nokia Software Updater by clicking on the icon on your desktop
  9. The Nokia Software Updater connects to the internet, checks for updates, and then detects your phone to start installing firmware updates for your Nokia phone
  10. You might see some fuzzy things going on in your Nokia phone, and that’s perfectly normal to happen during a firmware update
  11. When all’s done, the updater gives a confirmation message and then the phone restarts
  12. You can now disconnect the phone from the computer

That’s how you upgrade your Nokia mobile phone’s firmware. Let me know in the comments if you have any question.

Written by Killer Tech Tips

January 5th, 2008 at 7:45 am

  • Arpan

    I was updating my nokia 6233′s firmware,then something went wrong & my computer got restarted.From then my phone is TOTALLY DEAD….Pls,give me any solution.

  • Ashish

    I have a nokia 5300 Xpressmusic.When the update was going on the electricity went off and the net connection was disconnected.Now my phone is dead and cannot be started.Please give me some meathods to start it…

  • atef

    the connection of the mobile is cut during the updating after that the mobile do not open what would i do ??
    please answer me i can not open my mobile
    (my mobile is nokia n70)

  • ikram

    nokia 3110c unable to switch on
    it showing nokia and then light is flashing and again
    it switches off

  • Phoenix

    my phone always said test mode it stops right there and the installation stopped can someone help me..

  • Rahul

    Sir, I too have the same problem with my nokia 3110c mobile which is that most often this phone is getting restarted and finally going off. I have read your solution to this by updating the mobile software. Are you sure that it is safe to update the software by this way and is it real software or duplicate? This moblie was bought from gulf and will it affect changing the software from India? I have downloaded nokia software updater directly from and i also have origilnal nokia pc suite with me. So kindly post a solution to my problem immediately so that i can fix this problem……

  • sibin

    i download phone updater.but i can’t install .it show that installation failed.i have only 256.ram.celeon 2.4 xp sp2.why internet connection equired,updater have about 23mb

  • Srirag

    I Have A Problem I Am Using Loop Sim In My 3110c Bt I Get 0 Range Inside My House… Bt Den If I Use Any Other Sim CArds Like Airtel Or Vodafone Its Full Range Or Allmost Full… I Ask A Mobile Guy He SAid If U Update Ur Firmware It Will Be Fine Bt Not Yet Done Same Problem After Updating The Firmware Plz Help

  • Srirag

    N If I Use The Same Sim[loop] In Other Phone Its Full Range…. plz Reply At

  • Khurram

    I have a problem with the graphics, it look like that the graphics software is not install, can any one help me??



  • Dushyanth GM

    Hey my phone is not detecting for software update but its been normally detected in pc suit ……… Is there any need of GPRS connection for updating

    Model: Nokia 5300 All black

    Please assist me to update my phone asap

  • arun pillai

    hi i am arun,

    when i update my 6233 firmware(to 5.43) the PC suite says nokia 6233 diconnected via USB & then the upadte runs on… & whwn it comes to “56 sec remaining” is stucks up & the update throws an error saying to re connect the device but still the same problem when i reconnect it…. please help me out !!
    request you to mail me at

  • oto jimmy

    pls i need help. my nokia 3110c refuses to save internet settings. it says “only 70 sets allowed. settings discarded”. but the config list is empty as i have no settings saved. i would greatly appreciate assistance. can nokia software updater solve d problem for me?

  • Evo2

    I have Nokia 6300 but it’s firmware is goingdown and phone doesn’t work.I want to repair this phone and i haven’t Universal Box or Sea Tools Box.Therefore how can i use or repair what the name of Firmware Repair Software Name and which software is can rewrite to new firmware.Please help to me and send me about that for email.

  • Aditi Rathee

    I have nokia 3110 classic handset. within duration of 2 months its switches off automatically and doesn’t start. Every time I visit care they format. Plz help me i m sick of updating again an again

  • mayank


  • Lil_Mel16

    [b]hello people my phone probs cant be pen down cos its numerous am telling al probs listed ar affecting mine so if anyone has a clue to solve them should forward to my mail[/b]

  • aslam

    hi frnd i want to know that how much internet speed is to be there on my pc ?

  • aslam

    plz tell me how much internet speed should be there to update

  • DNG

    any one could help me with information regarding start up problem of nokia 3110c?

  • hariom

    i have nokia 3110 classic firmware version 7.21 but some of the files like calculater and themes gets deleted……please tell me how can i reinstall the same latest firmware again as nokia software updater doesnt give the option of reinstall……….please please please help help helppppppppppppp

  • Malkeet Singh

    Plz tell me how can i get internal software of nokia 5300, mere fone ka music player nai chal raha………
    plz tell me on my contact number 099-88-33-47-17…

  • Shivam

    Hello Friend
    Plz Help Me.
    I have Nokia 3110c.
    When i switch on my mobile it gives erro..
    1)unebal to open them currepted..
    & 2)When i open settings->configuretion settings->it gives erro…
    i think it’s broweser curreped..
    so how to update my phone browser..
    Plz help me…

  • Tauseef

    Actually ma mob is switched off im nt able to switch on den hw do i format it n update ma phone pls reply me …………..

  • http://google warn

    i hate tis nokia 3110c……… plz say the easiest way fr updates !

  • Ananthu’s

    my fone hav a prblm of restarting while connecting with mmcard or while sending messages………….
    can i get a help from updatinggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!


    how can i update nokia 7210 supernova when it is switched off.

  • saurabh

    hi. i have complete solution for nokia 3110 restarting problem . contact at

  • vishnu

    hi… unsing nokia 9500 ohone is not at all geting updated by using nokia updater software.will u please help me how to do it.

  • azhar

    when i was updating sofware of my mobile3110c it was switched off automatically,it is not starting plse help me out of this problemmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..

  • shweta

    My Nokia 3110c randomly gets formatted on its own or jst shuts down n does not start again.I have had to take it for formattin and updatind software almost every month from d past 6 months..But this time it got formatted on its own in just 7 days..
    Is der a permanent solution to this problem??Seems like der is some virus in the phone which comes back on its own,though i have nt connected it to any other device via bluetooth,usb port and i hav nt even inserted memory card..Plz help me..



  • malik

    i have nokia e65..yesterday i started to upgrade my my mobile but suddenly the upgrade of mobile software stopped,the fone switched itself off automatically..and now i cannot switch on the fone..its completely dead..have anyone of u any solution.?
    plz help me..
    my e-mail id

  • naveen panghal

    i have nokia 3110c please tell me how i can update my phone software V07.21

  • Sitanshu

    While am updating my Nokia 6300 usb cable got disconnected …my mobile got switched off..and it doesnt switched again….Can it be repaired? if yes how can it possible?

    I don’t know if anybody help me or not. I saw in above many guys typed many messages does they get good answer?
    if i don’t got any reply its useless to submit the form.

  • bryan

    this steps worked perfectly for my nokia 5800 xpress music!!! thank you very much for the comprehensive tips and i can enjoy the maximum potential of my phone!! gud luck to those who wanna update their phones..juz follow these steps very carefully and eventually,all will work accordingly!!!

  • Virus

    I tried the Nokia Software Updater.. I followed the exact instructions above. The present version on my phone was 07.21. My phone had problems with the music player. It keeps on updating till 100% and says “NO MUSIC FILES FOUND” when I actually have around 50 songs in my memory card. Another problem is that the calculator in my phone has been removed. So, I tried updating firmware. At first it says that I already have the newest version and asked me whether I wanted to re-install.So, I re-installed the firmware.. I also have a PC suite. Everything seems to work well and after the update was completed my phone restarted itself.. When I went to the music player to check whether it worked, I found that it has not solved any of my problem… So, please help me… How can I fix this problem without going to the shop or the nokia care center.

  • Gary

    I have a Nokia 6233, tried to update software and the cable disconnected, now the phone is not coming on. Can it be repaired please anyboby provide me a solution.

  • Gianna Rais

    as i was instructed by a doctor once that when u r taking anti-biotics, keep on taking them at least for one month, and always be on time, otherwise the action might not work, and antibiotics might not bring any affect to u anymore.

  • patrick

    guys i have a problem about my nokia 3110 classic – i was downloading some themes from my PC but i accidentally open my gallery and afterwards my files are gone – and i cant use any themes – its always saying (not enough memory) – damn i dont know what to do …
    help me please

  • Patrick

    the primary tones of my cellphone are also gone – T_T huhuhu…help!

  • jayesh betai

    i would like to update my software but no update is available on nokia web site. so either i would like to install same version or update version. so please guide me about that.
    with regards,
    jayesh betai

  • jayesh betai

    I would like to install nokia 3110c version 7.21.This is last version for nokia update version is available on nokia web site. so please guide me about that.


    my music player does’nt work,i m also having problems in downloading,pls help me.


    pls give me details of updating the version,my updater gives network errors

  • mayur

    hi shankar, i wanted to know whether the msgs in my inbox will b deleted if i update my phone software or they wont?
    bcoz wen i tried to tak a backup using nokia pc suite it dint work out
    plz reply

  • yasith

    i was updating my phone and i removed the usb cable while it was installing the update because the restarted and i thought something was wrong so now my phone doesnt work it turns on for like 5 seconds and then goes off.what can i did i brick my phone

  • thilanka

    i was updating my phone and i removed the usb cable while it was installing the update because the restarted and i thought something was wrong so now my phone doesnt work it turns on for like 5 seconds and then goes off.what can i did i brick my phone

  • Sachin

    I update my 3110c software about three times but it is not update its same broblem as before plzz… Give me solution.