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How to convert AMR format mobile recordings to MP3

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If you have a mobile phone that supports audio recording, chances are that the recorded files are stored in AMR format. If you want to convert AMR files to MP3 format, here’s the procedure to do the same:


  • Download Mobile Media Converter from here. This AMR to MP3 converter is available for both XP and Ubuntu
  • After installation, open the Media Converter program
  • Click on the ‘+’ Plus icon to the right and add the source files that are in AMR format
  • Then specify the output folder and the name that should be given to the MP3 file in the next field
  • Under ‘Conversion’, choose ‘to MP3’ and set the quality of the output
  • Click ‘Convert Now’ to convert the recorded AMR file to MP3
  • You’ll get a message when the AMR to MP3 conversion is done.
  • Click OK, you should be able to see the converted file in the folder you specified.

Download Mobile Media converter from here to convert AMR to MP3.

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January 2nd, 2008 at 6:31 am

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  • nice utorial shankar…inbetween’s javascript is slowing up loading of your posts….

  • @TechBliss: Thanks man, I’ll try checking it, and possibly remove it.

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  • Nice tool but i rarely use AMR nowadays since it spoils the quality.

  • stumbled…should have done it earlier but forgot…nice tuts…

  • @Madhur: That’s right, I too noticed inferior sound quality in my files.
    @TechBliss: Thanks for the stumble 😀

  • dhe


  • husny

    التلفون الخاص بي فية منشكلة
    عندما اظع فية الشريحة يعمل ريستار ( اعادة تشغيل ) باستمرار
    وعندما اخرج الشريحة ( الرقم )
    يشتغل ولايعمل ريستار ( اعادة تشغيل ) ولااعرف ايشا السبب
    افيدون يااخواني

  • That`s great, now I will convert my phone call recordings to mp3.

  • bharati

    Solved my lots of problems..
    Thanks a lot!!!!!

  • pula cine o suge????

  • pwet

    putangina sa wakas nkita din kitang hayup ka!!! yahoooo!!

  • dss

    hy !! Help me because the file converted was just renamed by this: *.mp3.amr and with the same icon ! helpt, what am i supposed to do ??

  • Navin Jain

    Thanks a Ton Dear!!!

    I Have some very Important Recordings of my GF whom i love like hell. But now i am not using the same nokia phone and if i install again the call recording software then too it doesnt shows me the entry of previous talks.

    I Owe you my Life… Thanks a Lot Dear Thank You very much today i am alive by listening to her voice which came to extint but you saved it. Thanks a Ton Once Again.

    I am Computer Engineer, If you ever need my help just mail me on my E-Mail address with subject “The Guy who Gave You Mobile Media Converter”

    Thanks, BYE.

  • Rachel

    When I converted it, only 40seconds of 50minutes was available to play… help?

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  • Anders

    Worked great. Saved me lots of time. Thanks!:grin:

  • karan

    lg kp106 has amr support?????????can i download amr ringtone from
    my pc????????????

  • sreeteju

    Mr.Shanker…thanks a lot for the software

  • iman

    I had a lot of recording about my university project on my phone , and i converted them to mp3 format, thanks a lot for your help.

  • Jason

    Very useful!

    I record songs through my phone (self sung) then convert n upload!

  • Aerel

    Completely useless, right overtop of the entire mp3 you keep hearing “AVS media data”. Definitely NOT free software.

  • I have been searching for this kind of mobile media converter for a while. Finally found it here.

  • Bob

    I tried to use it but after i hit the “convert” button, I got a “Riskware” alert from my virus protection software. The alert read -> “RootShell – Cyber criminals frequently use this type of software to gain remote shell access to the victim’s system. Root shells bind standard input/output streams to sockets, allowing access to the system.”
    Why would an encoder need to rootshell level access?

  • You need to fix this. I converted an AMR file to an MP3 file and the program told me the conversation failed. Yet it worked.

  • Veggievore

    It didn’t work for me which I find quite disappointing because I really want to edit this beautiful song that I’ve been playing now and then on my phone. Ah well, I guess I’ll just have to edit it the old fashioned way- write the music out and actually play it and record the whole thing.
    Or maybe you could suggest why it didn’t convert and save me the trouble?

  • Veggievore

    Wait a second.. It worked for Akin but said it failed?

    Ohmygosh! It worked! Thank you 😀

  • Eloisa

    Thanks!! 10*

  • Melina

    Hey, i tried this, but it says that it cannot open my file, and its corrupted. But i tried uploading it a few more times, no change. Why?
    (i’m using the latest ver of mobile media converter, using windows vista, and my file format currently is .amr.)

  • di

    will this work on vista????

  • Jez

    Wow. Thank you for the tutorial.
    I got to convert AMR to MP3 today without any complications.. I’m using Vista, btw.
    Thanks, thanks.

  • Dips

    Thank You !
    It’s taken me all day how to figure out how to get some answer machine messages off my home phone then record to my mobile then transfer to my pc – but then i didnt know how to convert.
    I may need these messages in court
    So you have done me a huge favour with this.
    Thank You !!

  • Amelia

    Will this work through windows vista??

  • phr33st00fpl0x

    this didnt work for me so lame still didnt fix my amr problem!

  • WOW! great post! I’m looking into going to audio recording school at PAVI. Check it out. I would like to hear your advice on this school.

  • Well written. Interesting as always.

  • Josh

    There’s a major flaw in the Mac version that leaves the software non-functional. The Mac version always fails when trying to convert any file. The error is “the file is not writeable” … I’m attempting to output the converted file to my home directory on my Macbook (a location to which I clearly have write privileges!!) Seems there’s a major bug here.

  • Kackerente

  • Ben

    this worked very well !!! glad i downloaded this thanks!!!!!!!!!

  • very nice information

  • Regiemon

    thank you for sharing this. you could check this website also

  • Mithra

    Very thank you…With your help I have changed AMR files to Mp3 format. Again thank you

  • Bert

    For Mac users: If it says “Output file is not writable” then it means you need to install the ffmpeg library.

  • Annie

    Completely useless. I installed this software and it won’t recognize AMR as a supported file. POS

  • ~JustAnotherGuest.*

    Thankyou!! 😀 If it wasnt for this, I would have never gotten my phone’s files viewable on my desktop!! 🙂

  • Atish

    yes……….loss..installation givest GUI error

  • Blewitt

    Doesn’t seem to work with .AMR files any more. Pity

  • Zkot

    foxtab does not recognize amr files. whats the use?

  • Laxmandare

    This is useless…….. Its not recognizing .amr files…….. whats the use ?

  • The program permanently takes up a lot of space on the task bar with the line “amr to mp3 conversion” or so. It is non-configurable. That is too much for a utility one hardly uses – instead of installing itself, it should be portable, so it’s only there when you want it to.

  • Guest

    Used this in April 2012, worked fantastically! Best program (and easiest to use)!

  • Thanks for providing us with the ultimate content plus the download link as well. What else do a person wants from a post, informative one!